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paper pants e botas chunky
Fashion Outfits

Paper Pants and Chunky Boots: an Unexpected Combination

Hey there! Since I spent half of March, the entire month of April and half of May at home, I didn’t even realize the weather changing. And because of that, I’m bringing you an outfit I shot during Winter. Yes, I know I’m a bit late but I wanted to share it with you anyway. …

outfit teddy jacket skinny jeans chunky boots
Fashion Outfits

Teddy Jacket: 4 Outfits You Can Easily Copy

One of my favourite jackets for colder days is the teddy jacket (also known as teddy coat). Very warm, they bring me comfort when the temperatures go down. They’re also very versatile! If you have a teddy jacket in a neutral colour, it will go well with almost everything! I already showed you some outfits …