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Check Blazer: How to Style

2020 is here! First of all, I want to wish you a happy new year! To start the new year, I decided to make a change on my blog and all my social networks’ accounts. I changed my blog name from “A Maria Rita” to “Ana Rita Vieira”. When I called it “A Maria Rita” …

about my christmas
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About my Christmas

The day after Christmas.. What can I say.. Well, I am not sure if I can get more food into my belly. I am that person with no self-control and that just can’t say no to all the beautiful and delicious desserts yelling for my attention. Today, I bring you some details from my favorite …

how to style mom jeans
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Mom Jeans: Two Outfit Ideas

Since I found the first pair of mom jeans that actually looked good on me, I gave skinny jeans a few days of vacation. It is not so easy to give up of the comfort of a pair of loose jeans. If you tried them, you know what I mean. Mom jeans are the best …

Fashion Outfits

Outfit: Chunky boots & Xmas Shopping

Oh well, it’s December already! And this year I decided to be different and I started thinking about the Christmas gifts earlier! Usually, it’s 24th December and I haven’t bought all the gifts! But it is so much better to make Christmas shopping earlier and to put some thought into it and not be influenced …

graduated ana
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In the past Monday, 25th November 2019, I defended my thesis and I can finally say that I have a Master’s degree in Modelling, Data Analysis and Decision Support Systems. Everyone who has passed through that stage in their lives knows how challenging it can be working in a thesis. The last year was not …

military boots outfit
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Outfit: Military boots

A few Winters ago, military boots came back strong! These boots have many advantages: they look good with almost everything, they’re comfortable and, of course, they’re stylish! Today I bring you an outfit idea with military boots. This outfit is a little different from what I usually wear but I loved it! This skirt may …

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Outfit: Fashion and sustainability

Rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle. The 4 R’s of sustainability apply more and more every day to the fashion world. Every day we see several people promoting a more sustainable way of being towards the clothes we buy and wear. There are several things we can do that, besides helping the planet, many times also help …

from régua to lamego itinerary
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From Régua to Lamego

I love going on little rides. Well, who doesn’t? In the first days of September, my sister and I enjoying a sunny day to explore the region of Douro. We started the day in Régua and ended it in Lamego. Régua was a little disappointing. The truth is that there is not much to see …

apple strudell recipe
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Recipe: Apple Strudel

One of the things I love to do is cooking, especially deserts. Even though I don’t share them often here, I will start sharing some recipes on the blog. Today’s recipe is one of my favourites during this time of the year. Apple strudel is always good but when it is still warm it is …