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coconut cakes recipe
Lifestyle Recipes

Recipe: Coconut Cakes

Today’s recipe is dedicated to all the coconut fans. This recipe is very known in Portugal. These little cakes are delicious and very easy to bake. The most laborious part of the recipe is to put the dough in the paper cups! These coconut cakes have the particularity of being even more delicious on the …

about my christmas
Diary Lifestyle

About my Christmas

The day after Christmas.. What can I say.. Well, I am not sure if I can get more food into my belly. I am that person with no self-control and that just can’t say no to all the beautiful and delicious desserts yelling for my attention. Today, I bring you some details from my favorite …

merry christmas
Diary Lifestyle

Merry Xmas!

Hey there! It’s Christma’s eve today. I didn’t want this day to go by without me wishing you a Merry Christmas! ❤️

graduated ana
Diary Lifestyle


In the past Monday, 25th November 2019, I defended my thesis and I can finally say that I have a Master’s degree in Modelling, Data Analysis and Decision Support Systems. Everyone who has passed through that stage in their lives knows how challenging it can be working in a thesis. The last year was not …

from régua to lamego itinerary
Lifestyle Travels

From Régua to Lamego

I love going on little rides. Well, who doesn’t? In the first days of September, my sister and I enjoying a sunny day to explore the region of Douro. We started the day in Régua and ended it in Lamego. Régua was a little disappointing. The truth is that there is not much to see …

apple strudell recipe
Lifestyle Recipes

Recipe: Apple Strudel

One of the things I love to do is cooking, especially deserts. Even though I don’t share them often here, I will start sharing some recipes on the blog. Today’s recipe is one of my favourites during this time of the year. Apple strudel is always good but when it is still warm it is …

miradouro pedra bela gerês
Lifestyle Travels

One day around Gerês

In the beginning of July, on those days we wondered if it was Summer already, I went to Gerês with my mother and my sisters. Two years ago, I spent two days there and I couldn’t wait to go back. In 2017, my sister and I spent some time on the beach but, this time, …

romantic movies the sun is also a star
Lifestyle Movies

2 Romantic Movies to Watch This Weekend

Even though I like watching movies of different genres, my heart belongs to the romantic genre. Today, I recommend you two movies that I watched recently that, as the title of this post indicates, are about the matters of the “heart”. The Sun Is Also A Star With a different and very actual story, The …

look chunky boots verao
Diary Lifestyle

This week in photos #1

Hey! Today I bring you some photos I took during last week. I took all these photos with my phone, using the app HUJI. This app is really cool because it gives this vintage vibe to photos. End of May, beginning of June. The sky is blue and the days are warm. It’s the time …

how to take better photos with a smartphone
Lifestyle Tips

6 Tips to Take Better Photos With Your Phone

You don’t have money for the best smartphone or camera in the market? Neither do I! But that is not a reason to stop taking photos or to stop trying to take the best photos as possible! Today I’m giving you some tips to achieve better photos with your regular smartphone. Also, this outfit was …