You don’t have money for the best smartphone or camera in the market? Neither do I! But that is not a reason to stop taking photos or to stop trying to take the best photos as possible! Today I’m giving you some tips to achieve better photos with your regular smartphone. Also, this outfit was shot with my smartphone, the Huawei P9 Lite.

Tips to take better photos with a smartphone

Clean the lens

Yes, you read this tip everywhere. And as you can imagine, if it is everywhere, it must be because it is very important! Maybe your lens doesn’t need to be cleaned, maybe it does. The best thing is to do it because it takes like two seconds and the results can be much different for the better.

Shoot in daylight

If possible, try to shoot during the day when the sun is shining and everything looks better. Your photos will too. Attention that by saying this I don’t mean to photograph at midday directly under sunlight.


Use HDR mode

Before, I only used the normal mode when shooting with my smartphone. But there are moments when HDR can be very useful. For example, when photographing landscapes and food, make sure to check this camera mode because it can make a huge difference with the shadows.

Be careful with the distance

When shooting with your smartphone, try to take the photos in the distance you want to see in the final result. It is not a good idea to take a photo very far and crop it later because it will lose quality.


Take lots of photos

In my opinion, it is better to like all the 50 photos than to like none. For me, this rule applies when I’m shooting with my smartphone but also with my camera! I’m just not the most photogenic person and I need like 100 photos to like 10, in a good day, eheh.

Edit your photos

The editing process can do magic for your photos, believe me! And today there are many apps available that will help you get the beautiful photo you are looking for. I made a post with some of my favorite apps, make sure to check it out here.

These are my main tips for taking better photos with your smartphone! If you have more tips, I would be happy to hear everything about them! Leave me a comment below! ♥