Yes, I’ve been blogging for six years. In September, it was the sixth anniversary of the blog and I didn’t make a post here. Why? Because I’m that person who doesn’t care too much about birthdays. I’m the person that forgets about her friends’ birthdays. During this period, there were moments I thought about giving up. There were times when I didn’t feel like writing and, because of that, the number of publications here decreased. But, besides everything, I stayed here. I can’t put an end to this project that involved so much work and dedication.

Today blog has a new layout. I changed the template to something simpler. The categories remain the same as the type of content. It is not 100% ready yet but the idea is here. What do you think?

In today’s look, I wore this blazer with different shoes, these golden sneakers. When I received them I thought I was going to wear them more often than I do. The truth is that, even though they are very pretty, they aren’t so comfortable and for me, comfort is a big deal. I hope you like this outfit!

Blazer: Bershka
Pants: Bershka
Top: Primark
Shoes: NotYet
Watch: Daniel Wellington