Nowadays, it isn’t always easy to keep a blog. We work hard and we don’t always see this work rewarded. I am not talking about monetary rewards, without devaluing them of course, but in this case, I mean having a constant and loyal audience. It is not new that people started to read less and less blogs. These were replaced by YouTube and Instagram. I confess that I have thought several times about giving up on the blog and start dedicating more to Instagram. However, I feel that I am abandoning this project in which I invested many hours, a lot of patience and a lot of dedication. There is not a day that passes without me coming here, even if it is just to see if everything is in order. When I post photos on Instagram, I try to keep them always in sync with the content of the blog. Organizing my feed becomes more complicated because of that. I have also thought about publishing on Instagram without thinking about what is going on here but I do not know how much it would make sense since I use Instagram as a platform to share my work here. I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way around here, but I am pretty sure that I’m not. Anyway, I felt the need to make this outburst. No, I will not leave the blog. I will continue here and I will try to improve the content of the posts as I have done until now in order to be closer and closer to all of you. I would like to know your opinion on this subject. Feel free to leave me a comment!

I created a form to understand what type of content are you interested in and I would be thankful if you answered it! 

Summer outfits are finally ending. Do you remember this post where I showed you a suggestion of an outfit with these shorts? Today I bring you the second outfit with them. On the other look, I opted for a white basic t-shirt. This time, I chose a red blouse, a color that I love and that matches the stripes of the shorts. I also used a different bag, in a discreet green quite similar to that of the shorts. I hope you like this outfit!

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shirt Zara (old) // shorts Tiffosi // sneakers Converse // bag Gamiss // watch Daniel Wellington // sunglasses Primark // necklace Eugénio Campos