Today I will talk about something that I think it’s funny. Every day I receive and give comments on Instagram. Obviously, every time I comment on something, I always try to do that on an appropriate language, taking into account my knowledge and the country of origin of the person I comment on. That’s why I can’t understand when I receive comments on languages other than English and Portuguese. Do I look so smart that people think I understand German too? Eheh. I’m kidding, of course, but I get several comments with words that I do not know and I confess that I do not take the trouble to translate them. If these people do not bother to make a comment in English, why should I translate a comment in Chinese? Please, tell me that I’m not the only one to go through this and think this way.

This look is very simple and, in a way, similar to the previous one. Like the yellow skirt, this blue skirt also belonged to my aunt. They are skirts that always remain fashionable and that, because they are really old, it is quite unlikely to find another person wearing a similar one. The t-shirt was one of the best purchases I made this Summer. Do you know that I used to never wear t-shirts? Of course, that was over when I decided to buy this one. It looks good with everything and was very affordable. I hope you like this look!

t-shirt Lefties (another outfit here ) // skirt Vintage // sneakers Converse // watch Daniel Wellington // necklace Eugénio Campos // bag New Chic (another post here) // sunglasses Primark