A pastel de nata and coffee are two things I love, and when you put the two together, you have the perfect match. In Porto, I found the best pastéis de Nata in Manteigaria do Bolhão.

Manteigaria do Bolhão is located, as the name indicates, near the Market of Bolhão. In this space, you can also find a Delta Q space.

The decor is modern and simple making this a pleasant space. We can watch the confection of the pastéis de nata, thanks to a glass that separates the room from the production space.

Even though there are other options o the menu, every time I went to Manteigaria do Bolhão I ordered the famous pastel de nata and a coffee. The pastel is delicious. I always ate it while it was warm. The cream is very tasty and the puff pastry is crispy. As for the coffee, we can choose the intensity we want. I’ve had several and enjoyed them all. This time the coffee came with a cinnamon wafer.

I totally recommend you to visit this place while you are in Porto! Definitely worth the visit!

Manteigaria do Bolhão
R. de Alexandre Braga 24
4000-049 Porto