When we talk about pancakes in Oporto, one place to visit is O Diplomata.O Diplomata is located in Rua de José Falcão. The facade is not easily noticed. I passed there many times and I never noticed it until I decided to go there to try their pancakes.

The establishment is very small and there is no place for a lot of people. The first time I went there, I arrived around 4 p.m. and it wasn’t full but in a few minutes, the establishment was already full. The second time, I arrived around the same hour and there were no places. We found a place in the table that I consider to be the worst of the restaurant, the table near to the balcony and the restrooms, with low light. O Diplomata is a quite busy place and in the two times I visited it, I saw people waiting to get a place.

One thing I didn’t like in O Diplomata is the music volume. It was so loud, at a point that was uncomfortable. It created an environment that was propitious to make people eat and leave because it was very hard to make a conversation (maybe that was the point, eheh).

pancakes o diplomata oporto

pancakes o diplomata oporto

Every time I went there, I chose to eat pancakes. However, there are other options on the menu. For example, one that made me curious was the brunches. I need to go there again and try them!

I chose the same pancakes both times – shame on me. My choice was two pancakes of normal dough with Nutella and strawberries. For an afternoon snack, I think that two pancakes are an ideal amount. The pancakes came with a good quantity of Nutella and strawberries, as you can see in the photos.

My friend, who went with me both times, likes two try different things, eheh. For the first time, he chose two pancakes of normal dough with Nutella and red fruits and he didn’t love these pancakes because the red fruits were frozen and had been thawed and the plate had liquid from the fruits. He also drank a cold tea and he didn’t like it but I don’t remember the flavor.

The second time, he ordered two pancakes of normal dough with Nutella, strawberries and banana and they were good.

I liked to visit O Diplomata and I recommend you to visit it. However, I advise you to go on less busy hours.

pancakes o diplomata oporto
pancakes o diplomata oporto

O Diplomata
Rua de José Falcão 32, 4050-189 Porto