When I talked about my July favourites, I told you about this tv show, Take Two, and I said I would talk about it in more detail later. Today is the day that I’m going to explain to you why I like it so much.


Synopsis: “The series centers on Sam, fresh out of rehab and former star of a hit cop series, and Eddie, a private investigator. They team up to solve crimes, with Sam doing the job as research for a potential comeback role. To get a P.I. movie lead, she has to shadow Eddie, an ex-LAPD detective-turned-private-eye. After solving a case, Sam decides to become Eddie’s partner and learn more about being a P.I.” (source)

You can get an idea of what to expect of this tv show in the synopsis. We have an actress that goes work for a detective that, initially, doesn’t believe she is useful – of course. We have the assistant of the detective that knows a lot about computers and that kind of stuff and the assistant of the actress, that is really weird but funny and for whom the other assistant is interested. Very cliche, right?

I like crime tv shows because, in every episode, there is a new case to be explored which makes the show more interesting and, on the other hand, the story between the characters also evolves. This show is very funny. I like the actress Rachel Bilson since the show Hart of Dixie and I think that she works very well with the other actor.

Even though this show still has just a few episodes, I’m really liking it and I totally recommend it. If you like criminal comedy-drama shows, Take Two is for you.