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coconut cakes recipe
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Recipe: Coconut Cakes

Today’s recipe is dedicated to all the coconut fans. This recipe is very known in Portugal. These little cakes are delicious and very easy to bake. The most laborious part of the recipe is to put the dough in the paper cups! These coconut cakes have the particularity of being even more delicious on the …

apple strudell recipe
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Recipe: Apple Strudel

One of the things I love to do is cooking, especially deserts. Even though I don’t share them often here, I will start sharing some recipes on the blog. Today’s recipe is one of my favourites during this time of the year. Apple strudel is always good but when it is still warm it is …

bolo chocolate com creme de limao
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Recipe: Chocolate Cake With Lemon Cream

In my house, the cake that we cook more often is the chocolate cake. We already have that recipe of a chocolate cake that always works, with any cover, of a bitter chocolate cake, … But I like to keep experimenting new recipes. I like to search online for new recipes and try them at …