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white outfit
white outfit

I always loved to see outfits in clear tones and, since I bought these white jeans last Winter, I just love wearing them! Whether it is an all-white outfit or a mix of clear tones, the result is always pretty and so bright! I sweater, I felt very luminous wearing this outfit, eheh!

The outfit I bring you today was shot more than a month ago (shame on me for not sharing it sooner). Despite the delay, I hope it inspires you to start wearing outfits like this one. I’m sure you will love them!!

white outfit

Since I wasn’t 100% confident to wear an all-white outfit, I chose clothes in light colours, like this beige sweater and the pink sneakers.

white outfit

Didn’t I say that since I bought these white jeans I don’t want anything else? I have so many outfits with them to show you that in a few months we will all be walking around wearing white pants, eheh! I don’t know how I used to think I didn’t need a pair of white jeans.

When you’re choosing a pair of white pants, I advise you to look for pants with thicker fabric because white pants tend to show everything!

Anyway, I hope you liked this outfit!

I’m wearing:
Sweater: Mango
Mom jeans: Mango
Sneakers: Converse All Star
Bag: Gamiss